For owners


For owners

Register and place your properties in our offers database free of charge. VaVilla.Comis one of the fastest growing real estate resources on the global Internet.

VaVilla.Comprovides all kinds of innovative real estate promotion opportunities: multilanguage descriptions, unlimited number of photos, video, vacancy calendar, e-mail andsms notifications, online requests and complete integration with social networks – Facebook, Google+, Twitter andVK.

VaVilla.Com is completely optimized for the search engines Google, Bing, Yandex and others.

WithVaVilla.Com,you will receive maximum effect and inquiries from clients interested in renting or purchasing your property.  

The description of your villas and apartments will be edited and translated into 7 languages. Moreover, if necessary, we will take photos and videos of your property in most European and American countries and some Asian countries.

Professional management

After clarifying all the details about the region, peculiarities and accommodation conditions, we publish your property in our database and begin to receive requests from clients. Requests come to our international call-center where professional managers process them and conduct negotiations.

After receiving a client’s request, our managers provide all necessary information and settle transaction terms with the owner: financial component, visit period, etc.

Then we conclude agreements with owners and clients. The client pays for the transaction according to the payment schedule and the property owner receives complete information about the client and receipt of funds.The payment is credited to a special bank account, where the funds are escrowed and transferred to the property owner on the day the clients settle.  In the case of client cancellation, the property owner will receive compensation in the amount of penalty sanctions specified in the agreement.

We give a 100% warranty for each transaction! When you rent out a property through us, we guarantee the fulfillment of the agreement terms.  

The amount of compensation for VaVilla.Com is determined by the owners!

The compensation includes preparation of the presentation and promotion of your property, attraction of clients and transaction support. The higher the liquidity of your property and the compensation to VaVilla.Com, the more actively your property will be promoted with VaVilla.Com and other Internet resources and the more attention it will receive from potential clients.  

Usually, real estate owners determine the amount of compensation as 3 to7 % of the transaction amount.

Details are available at phone + 7 (495) 580-07-08.


We are ready to arrange a meeting in Barcelona, Moscow and many European countries. Our representatives perform tours and regularly get acquainted with villas for expansion of our offers database.